Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I'm A Lucky Guy

A younger, smarter wife.

"According to a British study, marriages involving women at least five years younger than a husband and with a higher educational level fared the best in the British study."

Mary doesn't have a "higher" degree than me, but she is definitely smarter :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rob's Baby Abby

I've been doing an experiment for work: I've been carrying around a high-tech doll for three days; a Baby Think-It-Over. Her name is Abby and she cries, coos, gets hungry, and poops (imaginary poops).

The experience has been interesting. It's hard to get much done because as soon as I start a project, the baby needs to be fed. As soon as I get in the car, it needs to be fed. As soon as I walk into a restaurant, it needs to be fed. And I feel like a dork changing a diaper in Menards. It's a little embarrassing (because it's a loud plastic doll) and the amount of work is a bit of a wake-up-call.

But the Baby Think-It-Over is like a Wii. At first you wave the controller around like crazy; then you learn it's all in the wrist. At first, with Abby, I was carrying her around like a real baby, feeding her with one arm while I attempting to get things done. Now I've learned how to lay the doll on a table with the bottle propped on her chest - and I leave the room to do whatever I want.

I promise when we have a REAL baby, I will give it 5000% more attention.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Weekend Apart (by Mary)

This weekend Rob's sister, Tina, is getting married in Geneva, NY. The wedding is going to be absolutely beautiful, in a castle (!!!), Rob is the minister; however, I'm going to be missing out.

Once Rob and I found out I was pregnant, we knew the wedding would come in the third trimester of my pregnancy. After some research, we learned that pregnant women can safely travel up to 36 weeks, and even later with a doctor's note. This is true for normal fliers, but I'm a high-stress, anxiety-prone flier. Because I have had panic attacks while flying previously, my practioner informed us this stress could cause early labor, and the thought of going into early labor makes me more anxious. It is even more complicated that the closest airport to the event is a small airport, which means small, propellor planes get you there.

So Rob is leaving early Friday morning for a romantic weekend without me, and I'll be at home for some true "me time." Maybe I'll be really productive, start some early nesting, and organize our closets or something.

I think it is more likely that I will spend the weekend reading reviews for baby products and online shopping :) Anyone in CU feel free to text and get me out of the house!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Rob on TV

I made an appearance on the local news to talk about country music news. I totally have a spare tire; if I do it again, I'm wearing black. And to think, you could have seen this live in high def.

Click here to watch.

4 Ways Married Life Is Different (rob)

I was ironing one of my t-shirts when it dawned on me how different my life has become as a married man.
1) T-shirts are hung instead of laying in a pile on my floor.
2) I don’t watch the same Will Ferrell movie over and over.
3) Vegetables.
4) Bed before 10pm.
I don't know why some guys “dread” getting married... it's such an improvement!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bad Boat Luck (by Mary)

I have not posted nearly as frequently about my pregnancy as I would have liked, but better late than never, right?

I am now 28 weeks pregnant, and for about 8-10 weeks now, I've been feeling really great. I've had a "healthy" appetite and I can tell Peanut is getting really strong. He/She has been very active and Rob and I can often view the activity from the outside. Of course I'm tired, not sleeping well, and have my aches and pains, but I think these discomforts are just part of the journey.

Peanut has accompanied us to many great events that I didn't get to post about individually. We went to the cabin in Minnesota over Labor Day, and it was nice to get away from our stressors. Unfortunately, that was six weeks ago, and we feel like we're due for another vacation! During the trip, I read the first books in the Twilight series, we grilled out, shopped at local boutiques, and did attempt to go boating one day...and we should have known better.

Rob and I always joke that we have bad boating luck. Our first boating excursion together was the Houseboat trip in Summer 2006. Rob and I both got pretty beat up- I scarred the sides of my thighs attempting to go down the waterslide while I was dry, and Rob took a beating on the kneeboard. Lesson learned: My thighs are too large for houseboat waterslides. Rob would repeat his kneeboarding experience in a heartbeat, and since I didn't directly witness it, I don't think I could stop him.

In February 2007 we took our first trip down to the condo in Miami. We booked a casino cruise that sounded like a blast. After eating the worst buffet EVER (which says so much since Rob is a buffet-hater), while the ship was still in port, we contemplated exiting the cruise ship at that point, but decided to stick it out and play slots. That lasted about 10 minutes. Because this wasn't exactly a high-end trip, the boat went out to international waters where gambling is allowed, then simply put the ship in neutral so the passengers could feel every swell in the water. Rob quickly got sea sick and we spent the remaining FOUR HOURS "getting air" on the top deck anticipating vomit at any moment. We were desperate for any relief, so we spent $10 at the vending machine on pressure point wrist bands. Lesson learned: Rob needs to take dramamine, we're not big on gambling, and we still really hate buffets.

Our five-day cruise to the Caribbean for our honemoon in February 2008 was a wash. I was extremely anxious because I was experiencing chest pain without a diagnosis and was on a heavey dose of steroids. We definitely had some enjoyable memories from this trip, though, so we're glad we went. Lesson learned: We just like to lay on the beach, so no need to spend the extra money for the ado of a cruise ship.

During a long Fourth of July weekend in 2008, we went up to Minnesota and used the smaller boat to go out fishing. Unfortunately, the boat had not been used much that summer, so when we tried to idle the boat between the lakes (there are these small channels that are no wake zones), the boat would die, then not start up again. Rob had to row us out of the channel three times. About 20 other boats all offered to give us a tow, but we were definitely too proud to accept. Lesson learned: take the bigger boat out on the lake next time we go up to the cabin.

During this same trip, we hired a sailboat owner to take us out on Leech Lake for a cruise. Believe it or not, it was too windy for us to go sailing! The water was so rough that Rob started to get nauseous and I was sure Captain Tom was going to tip the boat over at any minute. Lesson learned: I'm too chicken to go sailing, and once again, Rob needs dramamine.

There was an awkward canoe trip in New Zealand, which is so awkward, I won't even post about. There was a definite lesson in that story though. We didalso go boating with Steph and Lance in New Zealand, which was awesome and we did not have any techinical difficulties.

In order for us to take the bigger boat this year in Minnesota, we needed four-wheel drive to launch the boat into the lake. This is the first time either of us have done this, but Arnold wrote out thorough directions for us. There was a lot that could have gone wrong launching and starting the boat, but we made it out on the water! Then, we decided to "open it up" so we could idle down the channel between the lakes and the boat would be peppy enough to make it all the way through. However, Rob turned the steering wheel left, then right, and the boat kept circling left. I frantically shouted, "I'm scared, turn it off!" I'm certainly no expert on boats, as evidenced by this post in so many ways, but I can tell when you turn a steering wheel one direction and the boat actually moves the other direction, something is not right. Once we got moving again, the boat was working fine, but then it happened again. The steering cords were no longer wrapped about the steering column (is that what it's called?), so we called it quits. We returned the boat to the dock at this point, after Rob had to manually steer the boat in. Lesson learned: Maybe boating just isn't for us?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Both Cars In One Accident (by Rob)

Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid...

I was backing Mary's car out of the garage and never looked in the rear-view mirror. Boom! The back corner of Mary's car collided into the front corner of mine. The worst part is that Mary said to me, as I walked out the door, "are you sure you can back my car around yours in the driveway?" to which I replied "it's easy. I'm an expert at it."
Famous last words....

Monday, October 5, 2009