Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mary's New Coat (by Rob)

My wife is so hip - she's got a new winter coat. It has fur on the hood so she looks a little like an eskimo. Want to see it?

Click Here!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Yummy Deer (by Rob)

Amanda is a game-atarian. The only meat she eats is from animals she kills herself. I couldn't do it - I'd drive off the highway just to hit a cow so I could eat a burger.

Saturday, Amanda bagged her first deer. What's more amazing is that she did it with a bow and arrow.

Happy Anniversary!

We don't celebrate our 1 year anniversary until Dec 28th, but we bought our anniversary gift last week - a new fridge! Our other fridge was on it's last leg and we figured we could use a new one for Thanksgiving (all of the Nutters are coming to C-U).

Monday, November 10, 2008

Welcome Home, Ray! (by Mary)

My family traveled to Tennessee last Thursday to watch my brother's plane from Iraq land in Fort Campbell!!! The Army arranges a welcome home ceremony for the soldiers and their families, so it was definitely an emotional reunion for everyone. They even had popcorn for us while we waited! When the plane landed at 5:30am, all of the guests gave out a big cheer. Our soldiers are now safe on American soil!

We then watched as the 300+ soldiers from the plane carried their equipment and lined up into formation. The families were behind a fence and instructed not to touch their solider at this time. Which one is Ray? We hadn't seen him in 15 months and they all look alike (I guess that is the point). I definitely thought I saw him, then zoomed in on my camera and was wrong.

After a quick THANK YOU to the soldiers and prayer to God for bringing them home safely, we had 20 minutes to reunite.

We missed him, and are looking forward to keeping him in the Midwest for awhile now :) Any comments on the matching red tshirts?