Thursday, February 19, 2009

We'll be in New Zealand on Sunday! (by Mary)

We've spent about three days packing now, and we're ready to go to the adventure mecca of the world, New Zealand. We're leaving for Chicago tonight, and our flight for NZ takes off Friday afternoon. We couldn't be any more excited!! You don't have to worry, I plan on taking hundreds of photos that will make you all jealous of trip. Don't count on a blog until after our return on March 10th.

Since our lost blog, we've done quite a few things. My parents visited for a weekend, and thoroughly enjoyed a mediterranean restaurant, Istanbul (previously Pasha). We also saw Slumdog Millionaire, which is my favorite movie of all time!

Last weekend, we went down to southern Illinois and visiting the Pankaus. I walked a half marathon, and Rob, Amanda, and Ryan ran it. I actually beat them to the finish line, because I started 1.5 hours early. We also visited the new house they purchased out in the country, and we spent the night there. It a great house for them, with hunting on the edge of their property!

See you in a few weeks!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Mary's Funny (by Rob)

I've been doing 100 push-ups a day since Jan 5 - my 30 days is almost up!

I was checking out my body in the mirror the other day looking at new muscle (or lack there-of). I asked Mary "which of my muscles seems to have grown the most since I've been doing pushups?"

Mary didn't even pause. "Your head."

Stupid Steelers (by Rob)

We were pulling for the Cardinals last night.

We spent the afternoon and evening at Gordo's Superbowl party. He dug a hole in the backyard and cooked a pig in the pit. It tasted awesome!!!

We didn't know anything about the 3D commercials, though. Somehow, we've been under a rock (probably because all of our free time is consumed with watching NCIS and training for the Val Day half marathon). Luckily, a few people showed up with a couple of sheets of free, cheap-o 3D glasses. It was kind of cool, kind of over-hyped... but we're looking forward to watching Chuck in 3-D. It's a favorite.