Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Congratulations Tina and Nathan! (by Rob)

Tina was engaged last night - on her 31st birthday! (coincidence: I got engaged on my 31st bday).

Nathan's gift to Tina on her bday was a box of chocolates, but the jerk ate one of the candies inside! So, he replaced it with an engagement ring.

When's the big day? No time soon, says Tina. She even talks about going to the courthouse. We'll see if she's all talk.

PS. This pic is almost two years old. We'll see how much Tina's grown since February 2007 (and if Nathan can grow a beard).

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I'm Oblivious (by Rob)

I wish I knew when women were flirting with me... so I could stop them, of course! I got an email from a female, single co-worker about an appointment scheduled this week. The subject of the message was "refinery and you and I" and the text read "We are set for the Thursday the 9th of October at 10:15 with Lindy. :)" Apparently, I'm told by my wife, that this woman is flirting with me. Entered into the evidence - exhibit A - the message subject. Why not just type "Refinery Appointment?" Exhibit B - the smiley face. This is probably worse than the subject - totally flirty, I'm told.
Ladies, please include a cheesy pickup line in each flirty email to make it easier for us guys to identify them. A simple "what's your sign" or "do you want fries with that shake" would help.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fall TV Season (by Mary)

The fall TV season is here, and it started for Rob and tonight with the Biggest Loser: Families premiere. I love watching this show delayed, so we can fast forward through the junk (so much product placement). I have finally accepted that Alison Sweeney is the host, but Caroline Rhea was much wittier. We watch the show together, and I always shed a few tears, and Rob always starts doing push ups.

I'm winning so far!
Tears: 1
Push ups: 0

The second episode of Fringe is on next!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

So Proud! (by Mary)

I received this email from Rob's work this morning:

Join me in congratulating our latest Star Performer for the month of August!

It would be easier to make a list of everything this person DOESN'T do or contribute to around here. He constantly steps in and just "handles" things that need to be handled, often without being asked or anyone else realizing that something needed to be handled or fixed. He preps out a great live show, writes and produces spectacular imaging and promos for his station, coordinates talent schedules and keeps everyone on his staff and throughout the building informed about what his station is up to.

On top of it all he's constantly looking for and passing along new promotional ideas for ALL stations and has even proven that, through some less than obvious sources, he can help bring new revenue into the IRG.

ANDY ROBERTS does it all so effectively and efficiently! He's this month's Star Performer and will join our Sales Goalbusters for the monthly lunch to celebrate today.

Make sure you get caught going above and beyond for IRG and you might be our next Star Performer. And please give Andy a pat on the back for everything he does to make WIXY and the IRG great!

Jonathan Drake