Sunday, December 28, 2008

It has been a great year! (by Mary)

Rob and I celebrated our first anniversary this weekend, and because the calendar year is coming to a close, we thought it would be fun to make a 2008 highlight list. Here it goes:

Our honeymoon cruise and stay in Miami
Our niece Bridget's baptism
The birth and baptism of our nephew, Evan
Rob getting his best half-marathon time at the Rockford marathon
A limo party for Mary's 25th birthday
Rob stress from booking and promoting a concert for work
Mini-vacation to Minnesota over the Fourth of July
Our new deck and Hot Tub!
The renovation of our bedroom
Laughing so hard with Kate and Josh at Jarlings about how Kate spits her oreos out of her ice cream
Camping out in So. IL for Amanda's thesis party
Rob completing his fifth marathon in Indy
Rob's three-week battle with poison ivy
My brother's safe return from his tour in Iraq
My whole family together at our house for Thanksgiving
My photography class

We have so much to be thankful for, especially our family and friends. Thank you all for our many memories this year.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mary's the Boss!

Mary got a promotion at work and beginning March 1st, she'll begin as Director of Budget and Resource Planning for the College of Fine & Applied Arts!

Anderson Christmas '08

This year, most of the Andersons got together to celebrate. It was a weekend of turkey, Rock Star, and fake Christmas gifts.

After Mom tried a little tennis on our new Nintendo Wii (our Christmas gifts to each other), Mary, Rob, and Tina made a great Rock Band. Mary led on vocals, and Rob and Tina switched back and forth between drums and guitar. Mom danced. Dad drank cold coffee- just like they would at a real concert.

Rob wrapped Tina's gifts inside boxes of household items - an oatmeal box and a Wheat Thin's box. One of the most memorable moments of the weekend was when Tina was so thrilled to get oatmeal for Christmas. Her reaction was, "I'm so glad you got me oatmeal, because I'm worried they don't sell this kind in New York." Later, Rob tricked her by saying "Uh Oh! Santa forgot a box!" He handed her an empty box of Coke with something inside. It was the same box of Tangoes he gave her earlier. Then, he brought around an empty box of Tissues with her digital camera stuffed inside(by this point, it was old news though).

Tina had a lot of talking to do, especially about Nathan, her wedding plans, and her paper that she received an extension on. Her hard drive crashed after she had spent eight hours on her final paper, so she spent a few hours re-writing it while here.

Mary cooked up a glorious feast. The bird, the stuffing, the potatoes, the veggies... They were all fantastic. She also cooked up a plethora of sweets. She owes all of the family the Seven Layer Bar recipe.

Play the video below to see the pictures from the weekend (there is no background music, so don't worry about volume).

Monday, December 8, 2008

What We've Been Doing


The other day, we spent two hours at Best Buy playing Wii and looking at flat screens. Mary rocked the Wii Rockband game - she got some great scores for her singing and I did well on the gee-tar. They need Countryband and Christmasband.

Our tree is up, we've hung a wreath outside...good thing too. It sounds like we might host the Anderson Christmas on the weekend before the big day.
Most of our neighborhood is "light-less." I wonder what they're waiting for? 2 weeks, people!

Rob's Birthday
Mary spoiled me during my "birthday week." I hit up two of my three favorite foods: mac&cheese and pizza (hot dogs are not in season). We went to Miko (Jap teppanyaki), watched football, relaxed, shopped, massaged. I could not have had a better birthday. Gifts include new shoes, pajamas, and a couple of really cool books.

AND, locked out of the house.
Luckily, Jamie and Eric live nearby and have a spare key (just for this reason). I hustled over, got the key, and hustled back before Mary became a frozen ice cube. But she did, however, have a frozen icicle hanging from her nose.