Thursday, July 5, 2012

Eloise is 6 months old today!

Can you believe it has already been 6 months since Eloise made her grand entrance into our world?

We noticed her first tooth this morning! It was very clear when she started teething last week, so we introduced a Baltic amber teething necklace to ease the pain. We forgot about it for 2 days, and voila! Her bottom left tooth has now arrived!

She rolls all directions to get all over!

She thinks her big sister is the bee's knees; and vice versa :). All Rosalie has to do is look at Eloise, and Eloise will start cracking up.

She really isn't on any schedule...which brings me to...

Eloise is NOT a good daytime sleeper. She takes little 10-20 min snoozes when she is soothed by motion or nursing. She wakes up at the drop of a hat.

She does sleep well at night, though. Nurses 1-2 times, then goes back to sleep. Again, no consistent schedule. Simply on demand :)

She has very strong opinions. She shows a strong like for her Montessori toys and Sophie the giraffe. I'll try to capture in video soon. She has demonstrated a strong dislike when held by someone who is unfamiliar, and *especially* when she is unlatched from the boob. Uff-da!

Some may call it a temper, some may say she's just like her mother ;)

We aren't ready to introduce food into her diet yet. We're enjoying the exclusive breastfed diapers for as long as we can! Also, we've kept in mind that she arrived 3 weeks prior to her due date and she doesn't sit up on her own yet. Mama milk is still the best for her, anyway. Yep, we're crunchy like that.

While we won't know her exact weight and length until the end of the month, we have no concerns. She is a very joyful, thriving baby, and we are just so blessed!

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